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Kitsap County's Stormwater Experts

Edge West is Kitsap County's trusted stormwater management company. We contract with property owners to maintain properly functioning stormwater systems in order to protect the owners' assets and real estate. We also certify the work performed on each stormwater system to ensure it is in full compliance with governmental regulations. Our stormwater team provides annual maintenance and emergency services to residential and commercial stormwater systems, both large and small.

In addition to our stormwater services, our excavation team provides site development, utilities installation, and land clearing to developers and builders.

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Why Care For Your Stormwater System? Schedule Our Crew

  1. 1) Maintain Your Property

    A properly services stormwater system will prevent pollution, maintain property value, and protect from possible government fines.

  2. 2) Safeguard Puget Sound

    Stormwarter runoff is a leading contributor to pollution and the destruction of fish habitat. Our maintenance services reduce these effects.

  3. 3) The Clean Water Act

    Federal Law enforced by local municipalities. Systems required to be services 2 times per year. We keep the government out of your pond!

Trusted By Businesses Large & Small

“Edge West is awesome! Attention to detail with quick response”
Rob Geline
VP Construction, 360 Development LLC.
“Edge West is founded on honesty, integrity, and superior work ethic”
Peter Surma
VP Finance, PPFD Inc.

Our Certifications & Memberships

Our Services

Excavation & Site Development

The Edge Excavation Team provides site development services for large developers as well as small builders. Our expertise includes Clearing, Foundations, Utilities, Grinder Pumps, Retaining Walls, Bioswales, and Ponds.

Stormwater Management

All Stormwater Systems require bi-annual service and inspections to maintain designed function and protect our marine habitats. The Edge Stormwater Team has the training to keep your stormwater system functioning as designed and to assist with fulfilling Washington State Ecology requirements.

Kevin Abrams & His Team

Local, Trusted, Expert

The Edge Team provides dependable, high quality service with a superior work ethic. Each client can expect professionalism, a quick response, and assurance that the job will be done right.

Kevin and his crew are not afraid to tackle any challenging job. Edge West is the contractor you call when no one else has the know-how or experience to get the job done. Kevin's background as a Salvage Diver in the military, his degree in Science from Western Washington University, and his career in construction give him the experience to lead his crews with confidence. Kevin & the Edge Team work hard to earn the trust and confidence of their clients and always "give it their best shot".